The Turkey Hills Study Club

In 1913, after several years of discussion, twelve townswomen of East Granby, Connecticut decided to form a club which had an intellectual, osg777 rather than a religious or social focus. The twelve organized the Turkey Hills Study Club in the home of Elizabeth Newberry (later Mrs. Gideon Parsons) at 27-29 North Main Street. The intention of the women was to devote much of their free time to researching and writing papers on topics of interest to the club memebers and to meet regularly to listen to each other’s reports.

Present at their first meeting was Alice Maria Gay, a genealogist, who helped the women develop their first course of study around topics dealing with Connecticut history. Just before World War I interrupted their progress, the group moved into studies of English history and leading American women. During the war they devoted themselves to Red Cross work, and resumed their studies in 1919.

Later the club expanded its program to include book reviews, field trips, guest speakers, and any other avenue that might help its members become better informed citizens.

Today, the Turkey Hills Study Club is still in existence and meets on a monthly basis. They research various topics of interest to group members, read and review books, make trips to sites of interest and are involved in many activities. The group takes pride in upholding this tradition started by the women of East Granby in 1913.

ABOVE: Turkey Hills Study Club c.1995. Front row, left to right: Dorothy Higgins, Joyce Dillabaugh, Charlotte Babcock, Bea Estby. Rear: Kathlyn Parrick, Betty Guinan, Evelyn Sharp LEFT: Turkey Hill Study Club c. 1940